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Blessed is the nation God is for and the

Blessed is the nation God is for,
and the people He has chosen;
For God looks down from heav'n above,
and from there beholds all nations.
From His place above he looks on all;
He sees their every doing;
He sees their works, He sees their sin;
He beholds all of those who fear him.

O you righteous in the Lord, rejoice,
Songs of praise befit the upright;
Play skillfully upon the strings,
sing to Him a joyful new song.
For the Word of God is right and just,
all His works are true and faithful;
His loving kindness fills the earth,
and He loves righteousness and justice.

by the word of God the heav'ns were made
Waters of the sea He gathered;
In storage places laid the deeps,
let all the earth revere Him.
Let the people stand in awe of Him,
for He spoke and earth existed;
When He commanded it stood fast;
by His word were the heav'ns created.

Kings will not be saved by armies great,
nor a mighty man delivered;
Not one is saved by his own strength,
nor by some other power.
But the eyes of God are on the just,
those who fear and worship Him;
Who wait for Him, who hope for Him,
those who trust in the God is Isr'el.

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      Dates: 1947
      Bible Refs: Ps 33;
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        Dates: 1947
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