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Send out thy light and truth O God With

Send out thy light and truth, O God!
With sound of trumpet from above;
Break not the nations with thy rod,
But draw them as with cords of love;
Justice and mercy meet;
The work is well begun,
Through every clime their feet,
Who bring glad tidings, run;
In earth, as heaven, thy will be done.

Before thee every idol fall,
Rend the false prophet’s veil of lies;
The fulness of the Gentiles call,
Be Israel saved, let Jacob rise:
Thy kingdom come indeed,
Thy church with union bless,
All Scripture be her creed,
And every tongue confess
One Lord,—the Lord of Righteousness

Now for the travail of his soul,
Messiah’s peaceful reign advance;
From sea to sea, from pole to pole,
He claims his pledged inheritance:
O thou most mighty! gird
Thy Sword upon thy thigh,—
That two-edged sword,—thy word,
By which thy foes shall die,
Then be new-born beneath thine eye.

So perish all thine enemies,
Their enmity alone be slain;
Them, in the arms of mercy seize,
Breathe, and their souls shall come again:
So may thy friends at length,
Oft smitten, oft laid low,
Forth, like the sun in strength,
Conquering, to conquer go,
Till to thy throne all nations flow.

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