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Thine arm O Lord of old In lands of

Thine arm, O Lord, of old
In lands of desolation,
Enclosed an humble fold,
Redeemed a congregation:
Our fathers, like a flock,
The great, good Shepherd led,
Gave water from the rock,
With heavenly manna fed.

A poor afflicted race,
But in thy name confiding,
They walked before thy face,
Thou in their midst abiding;
While Satan’s fellest rage
With patient faith they bore;
Consumed from age to age,
Till known on earth no more.

Yet was a remnant saved;
Still wrestling with affliction,
Their foes thy simply braved,
Beneath thy benediction:
Again went forth the word,
Abroad the Spirit flew;
The voice of God was heard,
Creating all things new.

An hundred years are past,
Since that revival glorious;
And still thy church stands fast,
O’er earth and hell victorious:
The path our fathers trod,
lay through Gethsemane,
Thither, O Lamb of God,
This day we follow thee.

Thence borne to Calvary’s brow,
Thy griefs and sorrows viewing,
With heart, soul, spirit, now
Our covenant renewing:
Thy love we here record,
Our sins with tears bewail;
Thy blood pleads for us, Lord;
O let that plea prevail.

Through suffering, shame, and loss,
Through honour, wealth, and pleasure,
To glory in thy cross,
As our eternal treasure;
That cross with joy to bear
Through realms that know thee not;
And thus thy way prepare,
Still be thy brethren’s lot.

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Meter: 6 7 6 7 6 6 6 6
      Bible Refs:
      Meter: 6 7 6 7 6 6 6 6
        Dates: c.1636,1647, 1840
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