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Lord when my soul her secrets doth

Lord, when my soul her secrets doth reveal,
All self-condemned, before Thy Throne I kneel,
And own my thoughts unclean, my words untrue,
Deeds nothing worth, eyes blind, and flattering too.

Oh! from this death who shall deliver me?
Oh! from this torment whither can I flee?
No virtue have I left, no strength within,
Corrupt at heart, enslaved and bound in sin.

But, Lord, Thy mercy to the Heavens ascends;
Thy faithfulness beyond the clouds extends;
Like the strong mountains stands Thy Righteousness;
Deep are Thy Judgments, as the vast Abyss.

Thou, excellent in Mercy, savest still
Men and mute creatures with a Father's will:
Under Thy gracious shadow, Good and Just,
The children of mankind shall put their trust.

They from Thy house of plenty shall be fed,
And drink Joy's River from the Fountain-Head;
For Life's eternal well-spring is with Thee;
And in Thy Light, light only shall we see.

O Lord! to the true-hearted men of love
Still may Thy loving-kindness constant prove!
And save Thy servant from the foot of pride:
While Thy foes fall around, be Thou my guide!

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Meter: 10 10 10 10
      Dates: 1865
      Bible Refs:
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