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Now that Death by death hath found his ending,
Thou dost call to Thee Thy loved Eleven;
And from holy Olivet ascending
On a cloud art carried up to Heaven.

O that wondrous Birth! that wondrous Rising!
That more wondrous mounting to the sky!
So Elias, earthly things despising,
In a fiery chariot went on high.

Parted from Him, still they watched His going:
`Why stand gazing thus?' the Angel said:
`This same Jesus, all His glory showing,
Shall return to judge the quick and dead.'

Quickened and cleansed, receive remission new
In the descending SPIRIT's fiery dew,
Sons of the Church, and light-formed generation!
For lo! the law goes forth from Sion's nation,
The cloven tongues of flame the PARACLETE's salvation!

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Meter: 10 10 10 10
      Dates: 9 cent,1862
      Bible Refs:
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