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Lord Jesus Christ my faithful Shepherd

Lord Jesus Christ, my faithful Shepherd, hear!
Feed me with Thy grace, draw inly near.
By Thee redeem'd, in Thee alone I live,
All I need 'tis Thou canst give:
Kyrie Eleison!
Ah Lord, Thy timid sheep now feed
With joy upon Thy heavenly mead,
Lead us to the crystal river
Whence our life is flowing ever:
Kyrie Eleison!

For Thou art calling all the toil-oppress'd,
All the weary to Thy rest;
The pardon of their sins is here bestow'd,
Thou dost free them from their load:
Kyrie Eleison!
Ah come, Thyself put forth Thine hand,
Unbind this heavy iron band,
Set me from my sorrows free,
Give me strength to follow Thee:
Kyrie Eleison!

Thou fain wouldst heart and soul to Thee incline,
Take me from myself and make me Thine;
Thou art the Vine and I the branch, oh grant
I may grow in Thee a living plant:
Kyrie Eleison!
For nought but sins I find in me,
Yet are they done away in Thee;
Mine are anguish, fear, unrest,
But in Thee, Lord, I am blest:
Kyrie Eleison!

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Meter: 10 9 10 7 5 8 8 8 8 5
      Dates: 1630,1863
      Bible Refs:
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