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Holy Spirit once again Come Thou true

Holy Spirit, once again
Come, Thou true Eternal God!
Nor Thy power descend in vain,
Make us ever Thine abode;
So shall Spirit, joy, and light
Dwell in us, where all was night.

Pour into our heart and mind
Wisdom, counsel, truth, and love;
That we be to nought inclined,
Save what Thou mayst well approve;
Let Thy knowledge spread and grow,
Working error's overthrow.

Guide us, Lord, from day to day,
Keep us in the paths of grace,
Clear all hindrances away
That might foil us in the race;
When we stumble hear our call,
Work repentance for our fall.

Witness in our hearts that God
Counts us children through His Son,
That our Father's gentle rod
Smites us for our good alone,
So when tried, perplex'd, distrest,
In His love we still may rest.

Quicken us to seek His face
Freely, with a trusting heart,
In our prayers O breathe Thy grace,
Go with us when we depart,
So shall our requests be heard,
And our faith to joy be stirr'd.

And whene'er a yearning strong
Presses out the bitter cry,
"Ah my God, how long, how long?"
Then O let me find Thee nigh,
And Thy words of healing balm
Bring me courage, patience, calm.

Spirit Thou of strength and power,
Thou new Spirit God hath given,
Aid us in temptation's hour,
Train and perfect us for heaven,
Arm us in the battle-field,
Leave us never there to yield.

Lord, preserve us in the faith,
Suffer nought to drive us thence,
Neither Satan, scorn, nor death,
Be our God and our defence,
Though the flesh resist Thy will,
Let Thy word be stronger still.

And at last when we must die,
Oh assure the sinking heart
Of the glorious realm on high
Where Thou healest every smart,
Of the joys unspeakable
Where our God would have us dwell.

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Meter: 7 7 7 7 7 7
      Dates: 1863
      Bible Refs:
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