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As a bird in meadows fair Or in lonely

As a bird in meadows fair
Or in lonely forest sings,
Till it fills the summer air
And the greenwood sweetly rings,
So my heart to Thee would raise,
O my God, its song of praise,
That the gloom of night is o'er
And I see the sun once more.

If Thou, Sun of Love, arise,
All my heart with joy is stirr'd,
And to greet Thee upward flies
Gladsome as yon little bird.
Shine Thou in me clear and bright
Till I learn to praise Thee right;
Guide me in the narrow way,
Let me ne'er in darkness stray.

Bless to-day whate'er I do,
Bless whate'er I have and love;
From the paths of virtue true
Let me never, never rove;
By Thy Spirit strengthen me
In the faith that leads to Thee,
Then an heir of life on high
Fearless I may live and die.

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Meter: 7 7 7 7 D
      Dates: ~1580,1863
      Bible Refs:
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