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Can I my fate no more withstand Nor

Can I my fate no more withstand,
Nor 'scape the hand
That for my faith would grieve me;
This is my strength, that well I know
In weal or woe
God's love the world must leave me
God is not far, though hidden now,
He soon shall rise and make them bow
Who of His word bereave me.

Judge as ye will my cause this hour,
Yours is the power,
God bids me strive no longer;
I know what mightiest seems to-day
Shall pass away,
Time than your rule is stronger.
The Eternal Good I rather choose,
And fearless all for this I lose;
God help me thus to conquer!

All has its day, the proverb saith:
This is my faith,
Thou, Christ, wilt be beside me,
And look on all this pain of mine
As were it Thine,
When sharpest woes betide me;
Must I then tread this path—I yield;
World, as thou wilt, God is my shield,
And He will rightly guide me!

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Meter: 8 4 7 8 4 7 8 8 7
      Dates: c.1526,1863
      Bible Refs:
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