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All things hang on our possessing God's

All things hang on our possessing
God's free love and grace and blessing,
Though all earthly wealth depart;
He who God for his hath taken,
'Mid the changing world unshaken
Keeps a free heroic heart.

He who hitherto hath fed me,
And to many a joy hath led me,
Is and shall be ever mine;
He who did so gently school me,
He who still doth guide and rule me,
Will not leave me now to pine.

Shall I weary me with fretting
O'er vain trifles, and regretting
Things that never can remain?
I will strive but that to win me
That can shed true rest within me,
Rest the world must seek in vain.

When my heart with longing sickens,
Hope again my courage quickens,
For my wish shall be fulfill'd,
If it please His love most tender;
Life and soul I all surrender
Unto Him on whom I build.

Well He knows how best to grant me
All the longing hopes that haunt me,
All things have their proper day;
I would dictate to Him never,
As God wills so be it ever,
When He wills, I will obey.

If on earth He bids me linger,
He will guide me with His finger
Through the years that now look dim;
All that earth has fleets and changes
As a river onward ranges,
But I rest in peace on Him.

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Meter: 8 8 7 8 8 7
      Dates: 1676,1863
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