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How long O Lord Wilt thou in wrath For

How long, O Lord? Wilt thou in wrath
For ever frown on Israel’s path?
Is all that tender mercy gone
Which saved them once from Babylon?

Long, while the nations lay in night,
Once city shone with holy light,
The good man’s joy, the prophet’s theme,
It was thine own Jerusalem,

Those glorious hours have passed away,
The gold is dross, the iron clay;
And where thy saints and prophets knelt,
For ages have the godless dwelt.

They who were guided by thy hand,
Now roam unblest through every land;
Hated and scorned, as though they ne’er
Had known thy love, or felt thy care.

Righteous art thou—although they drain,
E’en to the dregs, the cup of pain;
Yet shall thy wrath for ever burn?
Return to them, O God, return.

Chastened and scourged, they wander on,
Forget thy law, and hate thy Son;
Oh, let thine anger cease to burn,
Return to them, o God, return.

That were surpassing joy, to see
Israel again beloved by thee;
And contrite millions join to bless
The Lord, their strength and righteousness.

And hast thou not thy promise past,
To give them to thy Son at last?
Oh, let the blessed moment come,
And bring thy guilty wanderers home.

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
      Bible Refs: Ps 90:13;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1853# 240
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