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How sweet it is our sins to own When God

How sweet it is our sins to own,
When God has changed the heart of stone!
No more by doubts and terrors driven,
How sweet to know our sins forgiven!

‘Tis sweet to think that Christ has died,
Our curse to bear, our guilt to hide,
And see that God is wise and just
In pardoning those who simply trust.

Sweet to be God’s adopted child,
Humbled, converted, reconciled;
And with the feelings of a son
To say, Thy holy will be done.

‘Tis sweet to be by God approved,
To be by Christ, to Lord, beloved;
To have the Spirit’s guidance, too,
With heavenly happiness in view.

‘Tis sweet to love till life shall end,
Our Father, Guardian, Saviour, Friend;
And be benevolent and kind,
Loving and good to all mankind.

‘Tis sweet with gratitude to praise,
Him who has blest us all our days;
By day a tranquil mind to keep,
At night beneath his care to sleep.

‘Tis sweet to speak whatever is true,
And all that conscience bids to do;
To serve with zeal both God and man,
And do whate’er good we can.

‘Tis sweet to pray for all we need,
‘Tis sweet God’s holy word to read;
To seek his house, to enjoy his day,
To meet his saints, to keep his way,

‘Tis sweet to feel God gives us might,
With selfishness and sin to fight;
And if we suffer shame or loss,
‘Tis sweet to bear for his the cross.

‘Tis sweet through all these means to know,
That we in grace and wisdom grow;
More useful here, more fit to die,
Thus ripening for eternity.

‘Tis sweet to trust our Father’s care,
His gifts receive, his love to share;
To obey his wise and good commands,
And leave our interests in his hands.

‘Tis sweet to know we take the road
Which leads to glory and to God;
‘Tis sweet to live, to die is gain,
And ‘twill be bliss with Christ to reign.

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
      Bible Refs: Ps 2:12; Ps 32:1-2;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1853# 247
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