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Keep we the fast our ancestors learned

Keep we the fast our ancestors
learned from on high in mystic ways,
till yonder sun hath duly told
his hallowed tale of forty days.

This covenant, long since revealed
to patriachs and ardent seers,
Christ by his own example sealed,
author of time, and Lord of years.

More wisely therefore let us walk,
sparing of food and wine and sleep;
over our trifles and our talk
more jealous by the watch we keep.

Still by our sins, O Lord, we grieve
thy love, so full of pardon free:
author of mercy, still reprieve
the souls that turn again to thee.

Remember whence our fashion came,
frail creatures, yet thy creatures still,
crush, for the glory of thy name,
the murm’rings of our stubborn will.

The guilt that dooms us put away,
with larger grace our prayers requite,
at last, and ever from this day,
teach us to live as in thy sight.

Hear us, O Trinity sublime,
and undivided unity;
so let this consecrated time
bring forth thy fruits abundantly.

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
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      1994# 341
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