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Greatest of beings source of life

Greatest of beings! source of life,
Sovereign of air, and earth, and sea!
All nature feels thy power, but man
A grateful tribute pays to thee.

Subject to wants, to thee he looks
And from thy goodness seeks supplies;
And, when oppressed with guilt he mourns,
Thy mercy lifts him to the skies.

Children, whose little minds, unformed,
Ne’er raised a tender thought to heaven;
And men, whom reason lifts to God,
Though oft by passion downward driven;—

Those, too, who bend with age and care,
And faint and tremble near the tomb;
Who, sickening at the present scenes,
Sigh for that better state to come:—

All, great Creator! all are thine;
All feel thy providential care;
And, though each varying scene of life,
Alike thy constant pity share.

And whether grief oppress the heart,
or whether joy abate the breast;
Or life still keep its little course;
or death invite the heart to rest:—

All are thy messengers, and all
Thy sacred pleasure, Lord, obey;
And all are training man to dwell
Nearer to bliss, and nearer thee.

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
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      1851# 145
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