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Do flesh and nature dread to die And

Do flesh and nature dread to die?
And timorous thoughts our minds enslave?
But grace can raise our hopes on high,
And quell the terrors of our grave.

Do we not dwell in clouds below,
And little know the God we love?
Why should we like this twilight so
When ‘tis all noon in worlds above?

When we put off this fleshly-load,
We’re from a thousand mischiefs free,
Forever present with our God,
Where we have longed and wished to be.

No more shall pride or passion rise,
Or envy fret, or malice roar,
Or sorrow mourn with downcast eyes,
And sin defile our eyes no more.

‘Tis best, ‘tis infinitely best.
To go where tempters cannot come,
Where saints and angels, ever blest,
Dwell and enjoy their heavenly home.

O for a visit from God,
To drive my fears of death away,
And help me through this darksome road,
To realms of everlasting day!

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
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      1851# 451
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