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Here to the High and Holy One Our father

Here to the High and Holy One,
Our fathers early reared
A house of prayer, a lowly one,
Yet long to them endeared
By hours of sweet communion
Held with their covenant God,
As oft, in sacred union,
His hallowed courts they trod.

Gone are the pious multitudes,
That here kept holy time;
In other courts assembled now
For worship more sublime.
Their children, we are waiting
In meekness, Lord, thy call;
Thy love still celebrating,
Our hope, our trust, our all.

These time-worn walls, the resting-place,
So oft from earthly cares,
To righteous souls now perfected,
We leave with thanks and prayers:
With thanks, for every blessing
Vouchsafed through all the past;
With prayers thy throne addressing
For guidance to the last.

Though from this house, so love beloved,
We part with sadness now,
Yet here, we trust, with gladness soon
In fairer courts to bow:
So when our souls forsaking
These bodies, fallen and pale,
In brighter forms awaking,
With joy the change shall hail.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 7 6 7 6
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      1851# 527
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