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Thou the cup of death didst drain Thou

Thou the cup of death didst drain,
Thou within the tomb wert laid ;
Thou art Risen, Thou dost reign,
Seraphim Thy subjects made !
Lord ! when we recall the story
Of Thy lowliness and glory,
Keep us, lest we fall from Thee,
Through that awful mystery.

Who can fathom the abyss
Where Thou plunged'st for our love ?
Who conceive the glorious bliss
Waiting on Thy steps above ?
Cradled in the lowliest shed,
Weeping, toiling, suffering, dead !
Mighty Monarch, throned on high,
Ruling all in earth and sky !

Who is equal to these things ?
Who such mysteries can brook ?
Faith, with eagle eye and wings,
Scarcely there may soar or look.
Thought must seek that height in vain,
All her musings turn to pain,
Whelmed beneath the mighty load
Of that word, Incarnate God !

Blessed, blessed be the Lord !
Who on simple souls and poor
Gently has the knowledge pour'd,
Which the wise can scarce endure.
Saved from sinning, happy, healed
By those mystic truths revealed,
Changed by power above their own,
Christ to them is fully known.

Known when drawing infant breath,
Known in labour and in pain,
Known victorious over death,
Known in His triumphant reign.
All He suffered, all He won,
God, and woman's wondrous Son :
All alike from sin restrain,
All to them is wise and plain.

Other days may come at last,
When our purer eyes shall see,
By no whelming thoughts o'ercast,
Our salvation's mystery.
Give us grace meanwhile to rest,
By obedience taught and blest,
Sure, that truths which make us free,
God of counsel, flow from Thee !

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Meter: 7 7 7 7 D
      Dates: 1836
      Bible Refs:
      Meter: 7 7 7 7 D
        Dates: 1879
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