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O the hour when this material Shall have vanished

O the hour when this material
Shall have vanished as a cloud,
When amid the wide ethereal
All th'invisible shall crowd;
And the naked soul, surrounded
With realities unknown,
Triumph in the view unbounded,
Feel herself with God alone!

In that sudden, strange transition,
By what new and finer sense
Shall she grasp the mighty vision,
And receive its influence?
Angels, guard the new immortal,
Through the wonder-teeming space,
To the everlasting portal,
To the spirit's resting-place.

Will she, then, with fond emotion,
Aught of human love retain?
Or, absorbed in pure devotion.
Will no earthly trace remain?
Can the grave those ties dissever,
With the very heart-strings twined?
Must she part, and part forever,
With the friends she leaves behind?

No: the past she still remembers;
Faith and hope, surviving too,
Ever watch those sleeping embers,
Which-must rise and live anew;
For the widowed, lonely spirit,
Waiting to be clothed afresh,
Longs perfection to inherit,
And to triumph in the flesh.

Angels, let the ransomed stranger
In your tender care be blest;
Hoping, trusting, safe from danger,
Till the trumpet end her restó
Till the trump which shakes creation,
Through the circling heavens shall roll,
Till the day of consummation,
Till the bridal of the soul.

Can I trust a fellow-being?
Can I trust an angel's care?
O thou merciful All-seeing!
Beam around my spirit there.
Jesus, blessed Mediator!
Thou the airy path hast trod:
Thou, the Judge, the Consummator!
Shepherd of the fold of God!

Blessed fold! no foe can enter;
And no friend departeth thence;
Jesus is their sun, their centre,
And their shield, Omnipotence.
Blessed ! for the Lamb shall feed them,
All their tears shall wipe away;
To the living fountains lead them,
Till fruition's perfect day.

Lo! it comes, that day of wonder;
Louder chorals shake the skies;
Hades' gates are burst asunder;
See! the new-clothed myriads rise.
Thought, repress thy weak endeavour;
Here must reason prostrate fall:
O th'ineffable forever,
And th'eternal ALL IN ALL!

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Meter: 8 7 8 7 D
      Bible Refs:
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1899# 841
      Name: GREENVILLE
      Meter: 8 7 8 7 D
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