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Not what my hands have done

Not what my [these] hands have done
can save my guilty soul;
Not what my toiling flesh
has borne can make my spirit whole.

Not what I feel or do
can give me peace with God;
Not all my prayers and sighs
and tears can bear my awful load.

Your voice alone, O Lord,
can speak to me of grace;
Your power alone, O Son of God,
can all my sin erase.

No other work but Yours,
no other blood will do;
No strength but that which is divine
can bear me safely through.

Thy work alone, O Christ,
can ease this weight of sin;
Thy blood alone, O Lamb of God,
can give me peace within.

Thy love to me, O God, not mine,
O Lord, to Thee,
Can rid me of this dark unrest,
And set my spirit free.

Thy grace alone, O God,
To me can pardon speak;
Thy power alone, O son of God,
Can this sore bondage break.

I bless the Christ of God;
I rest on love divine;
And with unfaltering lip and heart
I call this Savior mine.

His cross dispels each doubt;
I bury in His tomb
Each thought of unbelief and fear,
each lingering shade of gloom.

I praise the God of grace;
I trust His truth and might;
He calls me His, I call Him mine,
My God, my joy and light.

íTis He Who saveth me,
and freely pardon gives;
I love because He loveth me,
I live because He lives.

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Meter: 6 6 8 6 (S.M.)
      Dates: 1861
      Bible Refs: Eph 2:8-9;
      Name: ST. BRIDE
      Meter: 6 6 8 6 (S.M.)
        Dates: 1762
        Name meter
        6 6 8 6 D (D.S.M.)
        6 6 8 6 D (D.S.M.)
        6 6 8 6 (S.M.)
        6 6 8 6 (S.M.)
        6 6 8 6 (S.M.)
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