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Draw nigh and take the Body of the Lord

Draw nigh and take
the body of the Lord
And drink the holy blood
for you outpoured.

Offered was He for
greatest and for least,
Himself the Victim
and Himself the Priest.

He that His saints in
this world rules and shields
To all believers life eternal yields,

With heavenly bread
makes them that hunger whole,
Gives living waters
to the thirsting soul.

Approach ye, then,
with faithful hearts sincere
And take the pledges
of salvation here.

O Judge of all, our
only Saviour Thou,
In this Thy feast of love
be with us now.

By that pure body
and that holy blood
Saved and refreshed,
we render thanks to God.

Salvation's Giver, Christ,
the only Son,
By His dear cross and blood
the world hath won.

Victims were offered
by the Law of old,
Which in a type this
heavenly mystery told.

He, Lord of light
and Saviour of our race,
Hath given to His saints
a wondrous grace.

He, Ransomer from death,
and Light from shade
Now gives his holy grace,
his saints to aid.

Alpha and Omega,
to whom shall bow
All nations at the doom,
is with us now.

---Alternative verses---

Saved by that Body
and that precious Blood,
with souls refreshed,
we render thanks to God.

He that in this world rules
his saints and shields,
to all believers life eternal yields.

He, Ransomer, from death,
and Light from shade,
now gives his holy grace
his saints to aid;

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Meter: 10 10
      Dates: c.690,1851
      Bible Refs: Jn 6:32; Jn 6:54-56; Jn 6:68-69; 1 Co 11:24; Heb 4:16;
      Name: ELLERS
      Meter: 10 10 10 10
        Dates: 1869
        Name meter
        10 10
        10 10
        10 10 10 10
        10 10
        10 10 10 10
        10 10
        10 10 10 10
        10 10
        10 10
        10 10
        10 10
        10 10

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