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Speed Thy servants Saviour Speed them

Speed Thy servants,
Savior, speed them;
Thou art Lord of winds and waves;
They were bound,
but Thou hast freed them;
Now they go to free the slaves:
|: Be Thou with them,
ítis Thine arm alone that saves. :|

Friends, and home,
and all forsaking,
Lord they go at Thy command,
As their stay Thy promise taking,
While they traverse sea and land:
|: O be with them;
lead them safely by the hand. :|

Speed them through
the mighty ocean,
In the dark and stormy day;
When the waves in wild commotion
Fill all others with dismay,
|: Be thou with them,
Drive their terrors far away. :|

When they reach
the land of strangers,
And the prospect dark appears,
Nothing seen but toils and dangers,
Nothing felt but doubts and fears,
|: Be Thou with them,
hear their sighs and count their tears. :|

When they think of home,
now dearer
Than it ever seemed before,
Bring the promised glory nearer,
Let them see that peaceful shore,
|: Where thy people
Rest from toil, and weep no more. :|

When no fruit appears
to cheer them,
And they seem to toil in vain,
Then in mercy, Lord, draw near them,
Then their sinking hopes sustain:
|: Thus supported,
let their zeal revive again. :|

In the midst of opposition
Let them trust, O Lord, in Thee;
When success attends their mission,
Let Thy servants humbler be:
|: Never leave them
till Thy face in heavín they see. :|

There to reap in joy forever,
Fruit that grows from seed here sown;
There to be with Him, Who never
Ceases to preserve His own;
|: And with gladness
give the praise to Him alone. :|

marker 99
Meter: 8 7 8 7 4 7 extended
      Dates: 1820
      Bible Refs: Mt 28:19-20;
      Meter: 8 7 8 7 8 7
        Dates: 1867
        Name meter
        8 7 8 7 8 7
        8 7 8 7 4 7 4 7
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