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O render thanks to God above The fountain of

O render thanks to God above,
The fountain of eternal love,
Whose mercy firm through ages past
Hath stood, and shall forever last.

The Father's boundless love we sing,
The fountain whence our blessings spring;
How great the depth, how high it flows,
No saint can tell, no angel knows.

Its length and breadth no eye can trace,
No thought explore the bounds of grace;
The love that saved our souls from hell
Transcends the creature's power to tell.

Who can His mighty deeds express,
Not only vast, but numberless?
What mortal eloquence can raise
His tribute of immortal praise?

Extend to me that favor, Lord,
Thou to Thy chosen dost afford;
When Thou returnest to set them free,
Let Thy salvation visit me.

O may I worthy prove to see
Thy saints in full prosperity,
That I the joyful choir may join,
And count Thy people’s triumph mine!

Let Israel's God be ever blessed,
His name eternally confessed;
Let all his saints with full accord
In solemn hymns proclaim their Lord.

Happy are they, and only they,
Who from thy judgments never stray;
Who know what's right; nor only so,
But always practise what they know.

But ah! can we expect such grace,
of parents vile the viler race;
Who their misdeeds have acted o'er,
And with new crimes increased the score?

Ungrateful, they no longer thought
on all his works in Egypt wrought;
The Red sea they no sooner viewed
but they their base distrust renewed.

Yet he, to vindicate his Name,
once more to their deliverance came,
To make his sovereign power be known,
that he is God, and he alone.

To right and left, at his command,
the parting deep disclosed her sand;
Where firm and dry the passage lay,
As through some parched and desert way.

Thus rescued from their foes they were, 
who closely pressed upon their rear;
Whose rage pursued them to those waves, 
that proved the rash pursuers' graves.

The watery mountain's sudden fall 
o'erwhelmed proud Pharaoh, host and all;
This proof did stupid Israel move
to own God's truth, and praise his love. 

O render thanks to God above,
The fountain of eternal love,
Whose mercy firm through ages past
Hath stood, and shall forever last.

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
      Dates: 1696
      Bible Refs: Ps 106; Ps 106:1-12;
      Name: TRURO
      Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
        Dates: 1789
        Name meter
        8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
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