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O enter Lord Thy temple Be Thou my

Oh, enter, Lord, Thy temple,
Be Thou my spirit’s Guest,
Who gavest me, the earth-born,
A second birth more blest.
Thou in the Godhead, Lord,
Though here to dwell Thou deignest,
Forever equal reignest,
Art equally adored.

Oh, enter, let me know Thee
And feel Thy power within,
The power that breaks our fetters
And rescues us from sin;
Oh, wash and cleanse Thou me
That I may serve Thee truly
And render honor duly
With perfect heart to Thee.

Thou art, O Holy Spirit,
The true anointing Oil,
Through which are consecrated
Soul, body, rest, and toil
To Christ, whose guardian wings,
Where’er their lot appointed,
Protect His own anointed,
His prophets, priests, and kings.

Thou, Holy Spirit, teachest
The soul to pray aright;
Thy songs have sweetest music,
Thy prayers have wondrous might.
Unheard they cannot fall,
They pierce the highest heaven
Till He His help hath given
Who surely helpeth all.

Thy gift is joy, O Spirit,
Thou wouldst not have us pine;
In darkest hours Thy comfort
Doth ever brightly shine.
And, oh, how oft Thy voice
Hath shed its sweetness o’er me
And opened heaven before me
And bid my heart rejoice!

All love is Thine, O Spirit;
Thou hatest enmity;
Thou lovest peace and friendship,
All strife wouldst have us flee;
Where wrath and discord reign,
Thy whisper kindly pleadeth
And to the heart that heedeth
Brings love and light again.

Thou art the true, the only Source
Whence concord comes to men;
Oh, that Thy power may have free course
And bring us peace again!
Oh, hear and stem this mighty flood
That o'er us death and sorrow spreads!
Alas! each day afresh it sheds
Like water human blood.

And let our nation learn to know
What and how deep our sin;
Nay, let God's judgments come if so
A fire be lit within
The hearts that loved themselves to please.
In bitter shame now let them burn
And, loving Thee, repentant spurn
Their selfish worldly ease.

Arise and make an end to all
Our heartache and our pain;
The wandering flock and lost recall
And grant them joy again.
To peace and wealth the lands restore,
Wasted with fire or plague or sword;
Come to Thy ruined churches Lord,
And bid them bloom once more.

Our path in all things order
According to Thy mind,
And when this life is over
And all must be resigned,
Oh, grant us then to die
With calm and fearless spirit
And after death inherit
Eternal life on high.

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Meter: 7 6 7 6 6 7 7 6
      Dates: 1653,1863
      Bible Refs: Ac 2:17;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1996# 400
      Name: ZEUCH EIN
      Meter: 7 6 7 6 6 7 7 6
        Dates: 1653
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