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Souls in death and darkness lying

Souls in death and darkness lying,
Where no light has broken through;
Souls that Jesus bought by dying,
Whom His soul in travail knew;
|: Thousand voices
call us o’er the waters blue. :|

Christians, hearken!
None has taught them
Of His love so deep and dear;
Of the precious price
that bought them:
Of the nail, the thorn, the spear.
|: Ye who know Him,
guide them from
their darkness drear. :|

Still the earth hath cruel places,
Wrath, and hate, and vengeance grim,
Still God looks on human faces
Heavenward turned, but not to Him;
|: Slaves in bondage,
worse than of fettered limb. :|

Haste, oh, haste,
and spread the tidings
Wide to earth’s remotest strand.
Let no brother’s bitter chidings
Rise against us when we stand
|: In the judgment,
from some far, forgotten land. :|

Lo! the hills for harvest whiten,
All along each distant shore.
Seaward far the islands brighten,
Light of nations, lead us o’er!
|: When we seek them,
let Thy Spirit go before. :|

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Meter: 8 7 8 7 4 7 extended
      Bible Refs: Mt 28:19-20;
      Name: ZION
      Meter: 8 7 8 7 4 7 4 7
        Dates: 1830
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