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Those eternal bowers Man hath never trod

Those eternal bowers,
man hath never trod,
Those unfading flowers
round the throne of God:
Who may hope to gain them
after weary fight?
Who at length attain them,
clad in robes of white?

He who wakes from slumber
at the Spirit’s voice,
Daring here to number
things unseen his choice:
He whose one oblation
is a life of love,
Knit in God’s salvation
to the blest above.

He who gladly barters
All on earthly ground
He who, like the martyrs,
Says, "I will be crowned";
He whose one oblation
Is a life of love,
Knit in God's salvation,
To the blest above.

Shame upon you,
legions of the heav’nly King,
Citizens of regions past imagining!
What! with pipe and tabor
dream away the light,
When He bids you labor,
when He tells you, “Fight”?

While I do my duty,
Struggling through the tide,
Whisper Thou of beauty
On the other side!
Tell who will the story
Of our now distress:
Oh the future glory!
Oh the loveliness!

Jesus, Lord of glory,
as we breast the tide,
Whisper Thou the
story of the other side;
Where the saints are
casting crowns before Thy feet,
Safe for everlasting,
in Thyself complete.

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Meter: 11 11 11 11
      Dates: 749,1862
      Bible Refs: Rev 22:2;
      Name: ST. ALBANS
      Meter: 11 11 11 11
        Dates: 1867
        Name meter
        6 5 6 5 D
        6 5 6 5 D
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