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Lo He cometh countless Trumpets

Lo! He cometh, countless Trumpets,
Blow before his bloody Sign!
íMidst ten Thousand Saints and Angels,
See the Crucified shine,
Allelujah! Welcome,
welcome bleeding Lamb!

Now his Merits by the Harpers,
Throí the eternal Deeps resounds!
resplendent shine his Nail Prints,
Evíry Eye shall see his Wounds!
They who piercíd Him,
shall at his appearing wail.

Evíry Island, Sea, and Mountain,
Heavín and Earth shall flee away!
All who hate him must ashamed,
Hear the Trump proclaim the Day:
Come to Judgment!
Stand before the Son of Man!

All who love him view his Glory
Shining in his bruised Face:
His dear Person on the Rainbow,
Now his Peoples Heads shall raise:
Happy Mourners!
Now on Clouds he comes! He comes!

Now Redemption long expected,
See, in solemn Pomp appear;
All his People, once despised,
Now shall meet him in the Air:
Allelujah! Now the promisíd
Kingdomís come!

View him smiling, now determiníd,
Evíry Evil to destroy!
All the nations now shall sing him,
Songs of everlasting Joy!
O come quickly! Allelujah!
Come Lord, come!

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      Dates: 1752
      Bible Refs: 1 Th 4:16; Rev 1:7;

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