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The God Whom earth and sea and sky

The God Whom earth,
and sea, and sky,
Adore, and laud, and magnify,
Who oíer their
threefold fabric reigns,
The virginís spotless womb contains.

The God Whose will
by moon and sun
And all things in due course is done,
Is borne upon a maidenís breast,
By fullest heavenly grace possest.

How blest the mother,
in whose shrine
The great Artificer Divine,
Whose hand contains
the earth and sky,
Vouchsafed, as in His ark, to lie!

Blest, in the message
Gabriel brought;
Blest, by the work
the Spirit wrought:
From whom the
Great Desire of earth
Took human flesh and human birth.

All honor, laud, and glory be,
O Jesu, virgin-born, to Thee!
All glory, as is ever meet,
To Father and to Paraclete.

---Alternative verses---

The God whom earth
and sea and sky
adore and laud and magnify,
whose might they own,
whose praise they swell,
in Mary's womb vouchsafed to dwell.

The Lord whom
sun and moon obey,
whom all things serve
from day to day,
was by the Holy Ghost conceived
of her who through
his grace believed.

How blessed that Mother,
in whose shrine
the world's Creator, Lord divine,
whose hand contains
the earth and sky,
once deigned, as in his ark, to lie.

Blessed in the message
Gabriel brought,
blessed by the work
the Spirit wrought;
from whom the great Desire of earth
took human flesh and human birth.

O Lord, the Virgin-born, to thee
eternal praise and glory be,
whom with the Father we adore
and Holy Ghost for evermore.

marker 99
Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
      Dates: 6 cent,1854
      Bible Refs: Mal 3:1; Mal 3:1; Lk 1:31;
      Name: INNOCENCE
      Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
        Hymn/Song Book Song # Key
        # 449Eb
        Name meter
        8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
        8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
        8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
        8 8 8 8 (L.M.)

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