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Come God Creator Holy Ghost

Come, God Creator, Holy Ghost,
And visit thou these souls of men;
Fill them with graces, as thou dost,
Thy creatures make pure again.

For Comforter thy name we call.
Sweet gift of God most high above,
A holy unction to us all
O Fount of life, Fire of love.

Our minds illumine and refresh,
Deep in our hearts let love burn bright;
Thou know'st the weakness of our flesh;
And strengthen us with thy might.

Thou with thy wondrous sevenfold gifts
The finger art of God's right hand;
The Father's word thou sendest swift
On tongues of fire to each land.

Drive far from us our wily foe;
Grant us thy blessed peace within,
That in thy footsteps we may go,
And shun the dark ways of sin.

Teach us the Father well to know,
Likewise his only Son our Lord,
Thyself to us believing show,
Spirit of both, aye adored.

Praise to the Father, and the Son
Who from the dead is risen again;
Praise to the Comforter be done
Both now and ever. Amen.

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