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Jesus is our shepherd Wiping every tear

Jesus is our Shepherd,
Wiping ev’ry tear;
Folded in His bosom,
What have we to fear?
Only let us follow
Whither He doth lead;
To the thirsty desert,
Or the dewy mead.

Jesus is our Shepherd;
Well we know His voice,
How its gentlest whisper
Makes our hearts rejoice;
Even when He chideth,
Tender is His tone:
None but He shall guide us;
We are His alone.

Jesus is our Shepherd,
For the sheep He bled;
Every Lamb is sprinkled
With the blood He shed.
Then on each He setteth
His own secret sign:
They that have My Spirit,
These, saith He, are Mine.

Jesus is our Shepherd;
Guarded by His arm,
Though the wolves may ravin,
None can do us harm:
When we tread death’s valley,
Dark with fearful gloom,
We will fear no evil,
Victors o’er the tomb.

Jesus is our Shepherd;
with His goodness now,
And His tender mercy,
He doth us endow.
Let us sing His praises
with a gladsome heart,
Till in heaven we meet Him,
nevermore to part.

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Meter: 6 5 6 5 D
      Bible Refs: Heb 8:20;
      Name: GOSHEN
      Meter: 6 5 6 5 D
        Dates: 1860
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