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Rejoice evermore With angels above

Rejoice evermore With angels above,
In Jesus's power, In Jesus's love:
With glad exultation Your triumph proclaim,
Ascribing salvation To God and the Lamb.

Thou, Lord, our relief In trouble hast been;
Hast saved us from grief,
Hast saved us from sin;
The power of thy Spirit
Hath set our hearts free,
And now we inherit All fulness in thee;

All fulness of peace, All fulness of joy,
And spiritual bliss That never shall cloy:
To us it is given In Jesus to know
A kingdom of heaven, A heaven below.

No longer we join While sinners invite,
Nor envy the swine Their brutish delight;
Their joy is all sadness,
Their mirth is all vain,
Their laughter is madness,
Their pleasure is pain.

O might they at last With sorrow return,
The pleasures to taste
For which they were born;
Our Jesus receiving, Our happiness prove,
The joy of believing, The heaven of love!

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Meter: 10 11 10 11
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      1889# 19
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