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Lord I hear of showers of blessing Thou

Lord, I hear of showers of blessing,
Thou art scattering full and free;
Showers the thirsty land refreshing;
Let some drops now fall on me;

Pass me not, O God, my Father,
Sinful though my heart may be;
Thou mightst leave me, but the rather;
Let Thy mercy light on me;

Pass me not, O gracious Savior,
Let me live and cling to Thee;
I am longing for Thy favor;
Whilst Thouírt calling, O call me;

Pass me not, O mighty Spirit!
Thou canst make the blind to see;
Witnesser of Jesusí merit,
Speak the Word of power to me;

Have I been in sin long sleeping,
Long been slighting, grieving Thee?
Has the world my heart been keeping?
O forgive and rescue me;

Love of God, so pure and changeless,
Blood of Christ, so rich and free;
Grace of God, so strong and boundless
Magnify them all in me;

Pass me not; but pardon bringing,
Bind my heart, O Lord, to Thee;
Whilst the streams of life are springing,
Blessing others, O bless me;

marker 99
Meter: 8 7 8 7
      Dates: 1860-04-28
      Bible Refs: Gen 27:38; Ez 34:26;
      Name: STUTTGART
      Meter: 8 7 8 7
        Dates: 1715
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