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Godhead here in hiding whom I adore

Godhead here in hiding,
whom I adore,
masked by these bare shadows,
shape and nothing more,
see, lord, at thy service low
lies here a heart
lost, all lost in wonder
at the God thou art.

Seeing, touching, tasting
are in thee deceived;
how says trusty hearing?
That shall be believed;
what Godís Son hath told me,
take for truth I do;
truth himself speaks truly,
or thereís nothing true.

On the cross thy Godhead
made no sign to men;
here thy very manhood steals
from human ken;
both are my confession,
both are my belief;
and I pray the prayer
of the dying thief.

I am not like Thomas,
wounds I cannot see,
but can plainly call thee
Lord and God as he;
this faith each day deeper
be my holding of,
daily make me harder hope
and dearer love.

O thou our reminder
of Christ crucified,
living Bread, the life of us
for whom he died,
lend this life to me then;
feed and feast my mind,
there be thou the sweetness
man was meant to find.

Jesu, whom I look at
shrouded here below,
I beseech thee send me
what I long for so,
some day to gaze on thee
face to face in light
and be blest for ever
with thy gloryís sight.

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Meter: 10 11 10 11 and refrain
      Bible Refs:
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1977# 590
      1994# 228
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