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A shepherd band their flocks are keeping

A shepherd band
their flocks are keeping,
And gentle lambs
are sweetly sleeping;
When suddenly they all behold
An angel in bright robes,
with harp of gold.

Glad tidings of
great joy he bringeth,
The azure vault
with anthems ringeth;
Immanuel awakes the song,
And countless hosts
the glorious theme prolong.

“To you, this day, is born a Savior,
Your Prophet, Priest
and King forever;
All glory be to God,” they cry;
“All glory be to God,”
let earth reply.

“On earth be peace
with mercy blending,
Goodwill to men,
and love unending”;
Thus sweetly sing the angel throng,
And all the heav’nly host
rehearse the song.

Through field and wood
the song resoundeth,
O’er hill and vale
the chorus boundeth;
Exultingly the echoes roll,
And hymns of triumph
spread from pole to pole.

The shepherds view
the host returning,
Their hearts with
holy ardor burning;
To Bethlehem they
wend their way,
Repeating with glad tongues
th’angelic lay.

In haste they seek
the heav’nly Stranger;
They find the Babe
laid in a manger;
With wonder and
with awe they fall,
And joyfully adore Him,
Lord of all.

Now every voice
with rapture swelleth,
For Christ the Lord
with mortals dwelleth;
Let men and angels Him adore,
And shout their
loud hosannas evermore.

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Meter: 9 9 8 10
      Dates: 1916
      Bible Refs: Lk 2:9-10;
      Meter: 9 9 8 10
        Dates: 1609
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