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Cometh sunshine after rain,
After mourning joy again,
After heavy bitter grief
Dawneth surely sweet relief!
And my soul, who from her height
Sank to realms of woe and night,
Wingeth now to heaven her flight.

He whom this world dares not face
Hath refreshed me with His grace,
And His mighty hand unbound
Chains of hell about me wound;
Quicker, stronger, leaps my blood,
Since His mercy, like a flood,
Poured o'er all my heart for good.

Bitter anguish have I borne,
Keen regret my heart hath torn,
Sorrow dimmed my weeping eyes,
Satan blinded me with lies;
Yet at last am I set free,
Help, protection, love to me
Once more true companions be.

None was ever left a prey,
None was ever turned away,
Who had given himself to God,
And on Him had cast his load.
Who in God his hope hath placed
Shall not life in pain outwaste,
Fullest joy he yet shall taste.

Though today may not fulfil
All thy hopes, have patience still,
For perchance tomorrow's sun
Sees thy happier days begun;
As God willeth march the hours,
Bringing joy at last in showers,
When whate'er we asked is ours.

Once a pain that would not cease
Gnawed my heart without release,
Sorrow bowed me 'neath her yoke,
Then in sadness oft I spoke:
Now no hope is left for me,
And no rest, until I be
Whelmed beneath Death's sunless sea.

But when I was worn with care,
Filled with dread well-nigh despair;
When with watching many a night,
On me fell pale sickness' blight;
When my courage failed me fast,
Camest Thou, my God, at last,
And my woes were quickly past.

Yea, Thou God didst make an end,
Thou such help and strength did send,
That I nevermore can praise
As I ought, Thy matchless grace;
When I shought with anxious fear,
And could see no refuge here,
Lo! I found Thy help was near.

Now as long as here I roam,
On this earth have house and home,
Shall this wondrous gleam from Thee
Shine through all my memory.
To my God I yet will cling.
All my life the praises sing
That from thankful hearts outspring.

Every sorrow, every smart,
That the Eternal Father's heart
Hath appointed me of yore,
Or hath yet for me in store,
As my life flows on I'll take
Calmly, gladly, for His sake,
No more faithless murmurs make.

I will meet distress and pain
I will greet e'en Death's dark reign,
I will lay me in the grave,
With a heart still glad and brave;
Whom the Strongest doth defend,
Whom the Highest counts His friend,
Cannot perish in the end.

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Meter: 7 7 7 7 7 7 7
      Dates: 1659,1855
      Bible Refs: Job 19:25-26; Jn 16:33;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1931# 478
      Meter: 7 7 7 7 7 7 7
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