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Abode of peace my Father's home

Abode of peace,
my Fatherís home forever!
My weary soul in faith
doth yearn for thee.
I homeward look to Thee,
my Lord and Savior,
To Thine abode of peace, eternally.
There is on earth no peaceful rest;
Our faith is weak,
our souls oppressed,
Our vision dim and failing,
Our vision dim and failing.

The Lord be praised
that time so swiftly flieth;
Godís promise
is fulfilled forevermore.
Who on Godís Word
and promises relieth
Shall find at last
the choicest wine in store.
Forgotten then is all distress,
Eternal peace and happiness
Shall then be ours forever,
Shall then be ours forever.

Then, keep my heart forever,
O my Savior,
And let me never, Lord,
from Thee depart.
In joy, in pain, in sorrow,
now and ever,
Thou only givest solace to my heart.
For when, O Lord, I am with Thee,
All other comforts well may flee;
With Thee Iím blest forever,
With Thee Iím blest forever.

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      Bible Refs: Ps 29:11;
      Name: I ROSENS DOFT
      Meter: .

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