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Come Holy Spirit nigh And from the

Come, Holy Spirit, nigh,
And from the heaven on high
Send forth Thy radiance bright;
Come, Father of the poor,
Thou giv'st us more and more,
Each heart through Thee has light.
Of all consolers best,
Refreshment ever blest.
Sweet inmate of the soul;
Our refuge from the heat.
Rest to the weary feet,
Sad hearts Thou makest whole.
Thou, most blessed, shine
And with Thy ray divine
Each faithful bosom fill;
Who hath not Thee for guide
Hath nothing good beside,
All things are turned to ill.
Make clean each sordid part,
Soften the stony heart,
Bind up our wounds that bleed;
Bend Thou the stubborn will,
The feeble cherish still,
And help the wanderer's need.
let Thy faithful see,
Who put their trust in Thee,
Gifts from Thy sevenfold store;
Reward their labours past
And place them safe at last
In bliss for evermore.

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      Dates: 13 cent
      Bible Refs:
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      1885# 281
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