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O God! we praise thee, and we own,
Thou art the Lord, and thou alone;
Let the whole earth thy name adore,
Father of all! for evermore.
Thee,ócherubim and seraphim,
The heavens and all the powers therein,
Thee óangels laud with voices high,
And Holy! holy! holy! cry,
Lord God of Hosts! whose splendours shine
Through heaven and earth, for these are thine,
The apostlesí glorious company,
The prophetsí noble army raise
To thee triumphant songs of praise;
The holy church ascribes to thee
Eternal power and majesty;
Father of ages unbegun,
Thine only, true, anointed Son,
And, sent by him from thee to her,
The Holy Ghost, the Comforter.
Hail, King of Glory! Christ the Lord,
Godís everlasting Son,óthe Word!
Thou, to retrieve manís mortal doom,
Didst not abhor the Virginís womb;
And, having overcome, for us,
Deathís sharpness, on the accursed cross,
Openídst heavenís kingdoms, to receive
All those who in thy name believe.
At Godís right hand, exalted there,
Thou dost the Fatherís glory share;
And thence, we know, when comes the end,
Thou wilt, to be our judge, descend.
Help, Lord, thy servants, that we may
Find mercy in that dreadful day;
Redeemed with thy most precious blood,
And numbered with thy saints, who stood
Firm in the faith, may we be found,
In glory everlasting, crowned.
Thy people save,ófrom age to age,
Govern and bless thine heritage;
Daily we magnify thy name,
World without end thy praise proclaim.
Vouchsafe this day to keep from sin
Our going out, and coming in:
O Lord! have mercy on us all,
have mercy on us when we call;
Thy mercy, Lord, to us extend,
On thee alone our hopes depend;
Lord, we have put our trust in thee,
Confounded let us never be.

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