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To tell the Savior all my wants,
How pleasing is the task?
Nor less to praise him when he grants
Beyond what I can ask.

My labíring spirit vainly seeks
To tell but half the joy;
With how much tenderness he speaks,
And helps me to reply.

Nor were it wise, nor should I choose
Such secrets to declare;
Like precious wines their taste they lose
Exposed to open air.

But this with boldness I proclaim,
Nor care if thousands hear;
Sweet is the ointment of his name,
Not life is half so dear.

And can you frown, my former friends,
Who knew what once I was;
And blame the song that thus commends
The man who bore the cross.

Trust me, I draw the likeness true,
And not as fancy paints,
Such honor may he give to you,
For such have all his saints.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
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