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O Lord my God since I have placed my

O Lord my God, since I have placed
my trust alone in thee,
From all my persecutors' rage
do thou deliver me.

To save me from my threat'ning foe,
Lord, interpose thy pow'r;
Lest, like a savage lion, he
my helpless soul devour.

If I am guilty, or did e'er
against his peace combine;
Nay, if I have not spared his life,
who sought unjustly mine

Let then to persecuting foes
my soul become a prey;
Let them to earth tread down my life,
in dust my honor lay.

Arise, and let thine anger, Lord,
in my defense engage;
Exalt thyself above my foes
and their insulting rage.

Awake, awake, in my behalf,
the judgment to dispense,
Which thou hast righteously ordained
for injured innocence.

So to thy throne adoring crowds
shall still for justice fly;
O! therefore for their sakes resume
thy judgment-seat on high.

Impartial Judge of all the world,
I trust my cause to thee;
According to my just deserts,
so let thy sentence be.

Let wicked arts and wicked men
together be o'erthrown;
But guard the just, thou God, to whom
the hearts of both are known.

God me protects, nor only me,
but all of upright heart;
And daily lays up wrath for those
who from his laws depart.

If they persist, he whets his sword,
his bow stands ready bent;
E'en now, with swift destruction winged,
his pointed shafts are sent.

The plots are fruitless which my foe
unjustly did conceive;
The pit he digged for me has proved
his own untimely grave.

On his own head his spite returns,
whilst I from harm am free;
On him the violence is fall'n
which he designed for me.

Therefore will I the righteous ways
of Providence proclaim;
I'll sing the praise of God most high,
and celebrate his Name.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
      Dates: 1696
      Bible Refs: Ps 7;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1821# 7
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