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Since mercy is the grace that most exalt

To God, in whom I trust,
I lift my heart and voice;
O let me not be put to shame,
nor let my foes rejoice.

Those who on thee rely,
let no disgrace attend;
Be that the shameful lot of such
as willfully offend.

To me thy truth impart,
and lead me in thy way;
For thou art he that brings me help,
on thee I wait all day.

Thy mercies and thy love,
O Lord, recall to mind;
And graciously continue still,
as thou were ever, kind.

Let all my youthful crimes
be blotted out by thee;
And, for thy wondrous goodness sake,
in mercy think on me.

His mercy and his truth
the righteous Lord displays,
In bringing wand'ring sinners home,
and teaching them his ways.

He those in justice guides
who his direction seek;
And in his sacred paths shall lead
the humble and the meek.

Through all the ways of God
both truth and mercy shine,
To such as with religious hearts
to his blest will incline.

Since mercy is the grace
that most exalts thy fame,
Forgive my heinous sin, O Lord,
and so advance thy Name.

Who'er with jumble fear
to God his duty pays,
Shall find the Lord a faithful guide
in all his righteous ways.

His quiet soul with peace
shall be for ever blest,
And by his num'rous race the land
successively possessed.

For God to all his saints
his secret will imparts,
And does his gracious cov'nant write
in their obedient hearts.

To him I lift my eyes,
and wait his timely aid,
Who breaks the strong and treach'rous snare,
which for my feet was laid.

O turn, and all my griefs,
in mercy, Lord, redress;
For I am compassed round with woes,
and plunged in deep distress.

The sorrows of my heart
to mighty sums increase;
O from this dark and dismal state
my troubled soul release.

Do thou with tender eyes
my sad afflictions see;
Acquit me, Lord, and from my guilt
entirely set me free.

Consider, Lord, my foes,
how vast their numbers grow'
What lawless force and rage they use,
what boundless hate they show!

Protect and set my soul
from their fierce malice free;
Nor let me be ashamed, who place
my steadfast trust in thee;

Let all my righteous acts
to full perfection rise,
Because my firm and constant hope
on thee alone relies.

To Israel's chosen race
continue ever kind;
And in the midst of all their wants
let them thy succor find.

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Meter: 6 6 8 6 (S.M.)
      Dates: 1821
      Bible Refs: Ps 25:11-22;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1821# 25
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