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Thy mercy Lord to me extend on thy

Thy mercy, Lord, to me extend,
on thy protection I depend;
And to thy wing for shelter haste,
till this outrageous storm is past.

To thy tribunal, Lord, I fly,
thou sov'reign Judge and God most high,
Who wonders hast for me begun,
and wilt not leave thy work undone.

From heav'n protect me by thine arm,
and shame all those who seek my harm;
To my relief thy mercy send,
and truth, on which my hopes depend.

For I with savage men converse,
like hungry lions wild and fierce,
With men whose teeth are spears, their words
Envenomed darts and two edged swords.

Be thou, O God, exalted high;
and, as thy glory fills the sky;
So let it be on earth displayed,:
till thou art here, as there, obeyed.

To take me they their net prepared
and had almost my soul ensnared;
but fell themselves, by just decree,
into the pit they made for me.

O God, my heart is fixed, 'tis bent,
its thankful tribute to present;
And with my heart my voice I'll raise
to thee, my God, in songs of praise.

Awake, my glory, harp and lute,
no longer let your strings be mute;
And I, my tuneful part to take,
will with the early dawn awake.

Thy praises, Lord, I will resound
to all the list'ning nations round:
Thy mercy highest heav'n transcends,
thy truth beyond the clouds extends.

Be thou, O God, exalted high;
and, as thy glory fills the sky,
So let it be on earth displayed,
till thou art here, as there, obeyed.

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
      Dates: 1696,1821
      Bible Refs: Ps 57;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1821# 57
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