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Thou gavest the word we sallied forth

Thou gav'st the word, we sallied forth,
and in that pow'rful word o'ercame;
While virgin troops, with songs of mirth,
in state our conquest did proclaim.

Vast armies, by such gen'rals led,
as yet had ne'er received a foil,
Forsook their camp with sudden dread,
and to our women left the spoil.

Though Egypt's drudges you have been,
your army's wings shall shine as bright
As doves, in golden sunshine seen,
or silvered o'er with paler light.

'Twas so, when God's almighty hand
o'er scattered kings the conquest won;
Our troops drawn up, on Jordan's strand,
high Salmon's glitt'ring snow outshone.

From thence to Jordan's farther coast,
and Bashan's hill we did advance;
No more her height shall Bashan boast,
but that she's God's inheritance.

But wherefore (though the honor's great)
should this, O mountains, swell your pride,
For Zion is his chosen seat,
where he for ever will reside.

His chariots numberless, his pow'rs
are heav'nly hosts that wait his will;
His presence now fills Zion s tow rs,
as once it honored Sinai's hill.

Ascending high in triumph thou
captivity hast captive led,
And on thy people didst bestow
the spoil of armies, once their dread,

E'en rebels shall partake thy grace,
and humble proselytes repair
To worship at thy dwelling-place,
and all the world pay homage there.

For benefits each day bestowed,
be daily his great Name, adored;
Who is our Savior and our God,
of life and death the sovereign Lord.

But justice for his hardened foes
proportioned vengeance hath decreed,
To wound the hoary head of those
who in presumptuous crimes proceed.

The Lord hath thus in thunder spoke:
"As I subdued proud Bashan's king,
"Once more I'll break my people's yoke,
and from the deep my servants bring.

"Their feet shall with a crimson flood
of slaughtered foes be covered o'er;
Nor earth receive such impious blood,
but leave for dogs th' unhallowed gore."

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
      Dates: 1696,1821
      Bible Refs: Ps 68:11-23;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1821# 68
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