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Yet still they sinned nor would afford

Yet still they sinned, nor would afford
his miracles belief;
Therefore through fruitless travels he
consumed their lives in grief.

When some were slain, the rest returned
to God with early cry;
Owned him the rock of their defence,
their Savior, God most high.

But this was feigned submission all;
their heart their tongue belied;
Their heart was still perverse, nor would
firm in his league abide.

Yet, full of mercy, he forgave,
nor did with death chastise;
But turned his kindled wrath aside,
nor would not let it rise.

For he remembered they were flesh
that could not long remain;
A murm'ring wind that's quickly past,
and ne'er returns again.

How oft did they provoke him there,
how oft his patience grieve,
In that same desert where he did
their fainting souls relieve!

They tempted him by turning back,
and wickedly repined,
When Israel's God refused to be
by their desires confined.

Nor called to mind the hand and day
that their redemption brought;
His signs in Egypt, wondrous works
in Zoan's valley wrought.

He turned their rivers into blood,
that man and beast forbore,
And rather chose to die of thirst,
than drink the putrid gore.

He sent devouring swarms of flies;
hoarse frogs annoyed their soil;
Locusts and caterpillars reaped
the harvest of their toil.

Their vines with butt'ring hail were broke,
with frost the fig-tree dies;
Lightning and hail made flocks and herds
one general sacrifice.

He turned his anger loose, and set
no time for it to cease;
And, with their plagues, bad angels sent
their torments to increase.

He cleared a passage for his wrath
to ravage uncontrolled;
The murrain on their firstlings seized
in ev'ry field and fold.

The deadly pest from beast to man,
from field to city came;
It slew their heirs, their eldest hopes,
through all the tents of Ham.

But his own tribe, like folded sheep,
he brought from their distress,
And them conducted like a flock
throughout the wilderness.

He led them on, and in their way
no cause of fear they found;
But marched securely through those deeps,
in which their foes were drowned.

Nor ceased his care till them he brought
safe to his promised land,
And to his holy mount, the prize
of his victorious hand.

To them the outcast heathen's land
he did by lot divide;
And in their foes' abandoned tents
made Israels tribes reside.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
      Dates: 1696
      Bible Refs: Ps 78:32-55;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1821# 78
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