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Yet still they tempted still provoked

Yet still they tempted, still provoked
the wrath Of God most high;
Nor would to practice his commands
their stubborn hearts apply.

But in their faithless fathers' steps
perversely chose to go;
They turn aside, like arrows shot
from some deceitful bow.

For him to fury they provoked
with alters set on high;
And with their graven images
inflamed his jealousy.

When God heard this, on Israel's tribes
his wrath and hatred fell;
He quitted Shiloh, and the tents
where once he chose to dwell.

To vile captivity his ark,
his glory to disdain,
His people to the sword he gave,
nor would his wrath restrain.

Destructive war their ablest youth
untimely did confound;
No virgin was to th' altar led
with nuptial garlands crowned.

In fight the sacrificer fell,
the priest a victim bled;
And widows, who their death should mourn,
themselves of grief were dead.

Then, as a giant roused from sleep,
whom wine had thoroughly warmed,
Shouts out aloud, the Lord awaked,
and his proud foe alarmed.

He smote their hosts, that from the field
a scattered remnant came,
With wounds imprinted on their backs
of everlasting shame.

With conquests crowned, he Joseph's tents
and Ephraim's tribe forsook;
But Judah chose, and Zion's mount
for his loved dwelling took.

His temple he erected there,
with spires exalted high,
While deep and fixed, as that of earth,
the strong foundations lie.

His faithful servant David too
he for his choice did own,
And from the sheepfolds him advanced
to sit on Judah's throne.

From tending on the teeming ewes,
he brought him forth to feed
His own inheritance, the tribes
of Israel's chosen seed.

Exalted thus the monarch proved
a faithful shepherd still;
He fed them with an upright heart,
and guided them with skill.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
      Dates: 1696
      Bible Refs: Ps 78:56-72;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1821# 79
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