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O God, my strength and fortitude,
of force I must love thee;
Thou art my castle and defense
in my necessity:

My God, my rock, in whom I trust,
the worker of my wealth;
My refuge, buckler, and my shield,
the horn of all my health.

When I sing laud unto the Lord,
most worthy to be served;
Then from my foes I am right sure
that I shall be preserved.

The pangs of death did compass me,
and bound me ev'ry where;
The flowing waves of wickedness
did put me in great fear.

The sly and subtle snares of hell
were round about me set;
And for my life there was prepared
a deadly trapping net.

I thus beset with pain and grief,
did pray to God for grace;
And he forthwith heard my complaint
out of his holy place.

Such is his pow'r, that in his wrath
he made the earth to quake.
Yea, the foundation of the mount
of Bashan for to shake:

And from his nostrils went a smoke,
when kindled was his ire,
And from his month went burning coals
of hot consuming fire.

The Lord descended from above, and
bowed the heav'ns most high;
And underneath his feet he cast
the darkness of the sky:

On Cherubs and on Cherubims
full royally he rode,
an on the wings of mighty winds
came flying all abroad.

---Alternative verses---

When sore beset with pain and grief,
I prayed to God for grace;
And he forthwith heard my complaint
out of his holy place.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
      Dates: 1562,1812
      Bible Refs: Ps 18:1-10;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1812# 18
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