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Look at this starbeam! From its place of birth,
It has come down to greet us here below;
Now it alights unwearied on this earth,
Nor storm nor night have quenched its heavenly glow.

Unbent before the winter’s rugged blast,
Unsoiled by this sad planet’s tainted air,
It sparkles out from yon unmeasured vast,
Bright ‘mid the brightest, ‘mid the fairest fair.

Undimmed it reaches me; but yet alone:
The thousand gay companions that took wing
Along with it have perished one by one,
Scattered o’er space like blossoms of the spring.

Some to yon nearer orbs have sped their course,
Yon city’s smoke has quenched a thousand more;
Myriads in yon dark cloud have spent their force;
A few stray gleams are all that reach our shore.

And with us! How many, who began
Life’s race with us, are dropping by the way;
Losing themselves in darkness one by one,
From the glad goal departing wide astray!

When we shall reach the kingdom of the blest,
How few who started with us shall we find
Arriving or arrived, for glorious rest!
How many shall we mourn as left behind!

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      Dates: 1960
      Bible Refs:
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