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My God a God of pardon is,
His bosom gives me ease:
I have not, do not please my God;
Yet mercy him doth please.
My sins aloud for vengeance call;
But lo! a fountain springs
From Christís pierced side, which louder cries,
And speaketh better things.

My sins have reached up to the heavens;
But mercyís height exceeds:
Godís mercy is above the heavens,
Above my sinful deeds.
My sins are many, like the stars,
Or sands upon the shore:
But yet the mercies of my God
Are infinitely more.

My sins in bigness do arise
Like mountains great and tall;
But mercy, like a mighty sea,
Covers these mountains all.
This is a sea thatís bottomless,
A sea without a shore;
For where sin hath abounded much,
Mercy abounds much more.

Manasseh, Paul, and Magdalen
Were pardoned all by thee:
I read it, and believe it, Lord,
For thou hast pardoned me.
When God shall search the world for sin,
What trembling will be there!
ďO rocks and mountains, cover us,Ē
Will be the sinnerís prayer.

But the Lambís wrath they need not fear,
Who once have felt his love;
And they that walk with God below
Shall dwell with God above.
Rage earth and hell, come life come death;
Yet still my song shall be,
God was, and is, and will be good,
And merciful to me.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 D (D.C.M.)
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