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My God, my reconciled God,
Creator of my Peace;
Thee will I love, and praise, and sing,
Till Life and Breath shall cease.
My thought did rage, my Soul was tost,
‘Twas like a troubled Sea:
But what a mighty Voice is this,
Which Winds and Waves obey!

God spake the Word, Peace and be still;
my Sins, those Mutineers,
With speed went off, and took their Flight:
Where now are all my Fears?
The World can neither give nor take,
Nor yet can understand
That Peace of God, which Christ hath brought,
And gives me with his Hand.

This is my Saviour’s Legacy,
Confirmed by his Decease:
Ye shall have Trouble in the World,
In me ye shall have Peace;
And so it is, the World doth rage,
But Peace in me doth reign:
And whilst my God maintains the Fort,
Their Batt’ries are in vain.

The burning Bush was not consumed,
Whilst God remained there:
The Three, when Christ did make the Fourth,
Found Fire as meek as Air.
So is my Mem’ry stuff’d with Sins
Enough to make an Hell;
And yet my Conscience is not scorch’d,
For God in me doth dwell.

Where God doth dwell, sure Heaven is there,
And Singing there must be:
Since, Lord, thy Presence makes my Heaven,
Whom should I sing but Thee?
My God, my reconciled God,
Creator of my Peace;
Thee will I love, and Praise, and Sing,
‘Till Life and Breath shall cease.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 D (D.C.M.)
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