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After three days Thou didst rise
Visible to mortal eyes:
First the Eleven worshipped Thee,
Then the rest in Galilee:
Then a cloud in glory bore
Thee to Thine own native shore.

Boldly David poured the strain:
GOD ascends to Heav'n again:
With the trumpet's pealing note
Alleluias round Him float;
As He now, by hard-won right,
Seeks the Fount of purest Light!

Crime on crime, and grief on grief,
Left the world without relief:
Now that aged, languid race,
GOD hath quickened by His grace:
As Thy going up we see,
Glory to Thy Glory be!

Darkness and awe, when Sinai's top he trod,
Taught him of faltering tongue the Law of GOD:
The mist was scattered from his spirit's eye,
He praised and hymned the Maker of the sky,
When He That is and was and shall be, passed by.

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Meter: 7 7 7 7 7 7
      Dates: 9 cent,1862
      Bible Refs:
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