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Light of the Gentile world Thy people's

Light of the Gentile world!
Thy people's joy and love!
Drawn by Thy Spirit we are come
Thy presence, Lord, to prove.
Within Thy temple walls
We wait with earnest mind,
As Simeon waited long of old
His Saviour God to find.

Thou wilt be found of us,
O Lord, in every place,
Where Thou hast promised faithfully
We should behold Thy face.
Thou yet dost suffer us,
Who oft are gathered here,
To bear Thee in the arms of faith
As once that aged seer.

Be Thou our bliss, our light
Shining 'mid pain and loss,
Our Sun of strength in time of fear,
The glory round our cross;
A glow in sinking hearts,
A sunbeam in distress,
Physician, nurse, in sickness' hours,
In death our happiness.

Oh let us, Lord, prevail
With Simeon at the last;
May we take up his dying song
When life is waning fast!
"Let me depart in peace,
Since that mine aged eyes
Have seen the Saviour here on earth,
Have seen His day arise."

Yes, with the eye of faith
My Jesus I behold;
No foe can rob me of my Lord,
Though fierce his threats and bold.
I dwell within Thy heart,
Thou dost in mine abide,
Not sorrow, pain nor death itself,
Can tear me from Thy side.

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Meter: 6 6 8 6 D (D.S.M.)
      Bible Refs: Lk 2:29-30;
      Name: RICHMOND
      Meter: 6 6 8 6 D (D.S.M.)
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